Committed to sustainability

In January, we committed to making sustainability our new standard for investing. We’re asking big questions about how sustainability can help our clients, shareholders, employees and communities achieve their goals. See what we’ve learned below.

BlackRock Global Summit 2020: Can sustainability accelerate recovery?

At our first annual BlackRock Global Summit on June 23-24, 2020, we convened more than 3,000 clients and thought leaders for a virtual discussion around one question: Can sustainability accelerate recovery? Learn more about the complex challenges and opportunities sustainable investors are facing.

Roundtable: the path to a sustainable recovery

Prominent thinkers from industry and non-profits explore the intersection of sustainability and the coronavirus crisis, as they discuss the question, “Can sustainability accelerate recovery?”

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The why behind sustainability

In our pursuit to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, we’re constantly asking why: Why is sustainability important and how can it help investors achieve their goals? Explore our latest thinking.


Please note that some content is for professional clients and qualified investors only.

  • JULY 2020

    Water causes risks to portfolios*

    1 in 4 people globally live in regions at risk of water scarcity – where demand exceeds supply.1 This creates a financial risk that we believe investors are overlooking.
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  • May 2020

    Sustainable investing: resilience amid uncertainty

    The first quarter of 2020 saw a historic market downturn. Amid this volatility, sustainable strategies demonstrated their resilience and investor preference increased. The big question is why? What explains this resilience?
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  • FEBRUARY 2020

    Sustainability: the tectonic shift transforming investing*

    A commonly held view is that sustainable investing sacrifices returns. We believe the opposite is true and that the full consequences of a shift to sustainable investing are not yet reflected in market prices.
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  • JANUARY 2020

    A fundamental reshaping of finance

    In January, BlackRock’s CEO and Chairman, Larry Fink, wrote a letter to CEOs stating that climate change is driving a profound reassessment of risk and that we anticipate a significant reallocation of capital.
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  • NOVEMBER 2019

    Getting physical: assessing climate risks*

    Last year, a series of extreme weather events — from hurricanes and wildfires in the U.S. to heat waves in Europe and floods in Japan — put a spotlight on climate-related risks. A new set of tools offers a way to assess such risks to portfolios.
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  • APRIL 2019

    Sustainability: the bond that endures*

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing is spreading to all pockets of the fixed income markets. This includes sectors such as emerging market debt, which were until recently lagging in ESG data, tools and insights.
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  • FEBRUARY 2019

    Sustainability: the future of investing*

    Sustainable investing is no longer niche; it is going mainstream. Assets in dedicated sustainable investing strategies around the world have grown at a rapid clip in recent years. This demand looks poised to accelerate.
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Why are investors turning to sustainability in a downturn?

In this episode of the BlackRock Bottom Line, Brian Deese, Global Head of Sustainable Investing, discusses the resilience of sustainability and his outlook for the rest of the year.

  • So what have we seen?

    BlackRock Bottom Line Open

    Sustainable investing: Resilience amid uncertainty

    There’s long been a concern that when it comes to sustainable investing, when we hit a market downturn and we hit a disruption, that would cause investors to run away from sustainable.

    What we’ve seen in this crisis, it’s obviously a short time period but is striking, is the opposite. That notwithstanding, a dramatic and historic market drawdown, we’ve seen record inflows into sustainable strategies during this same period.

    And that reinforces the view that the structural shift in investor preferences is more durable than short-term market movements.?

    We have seen a striking degree of resilience associated with companies and portfolios that have greater sustainability characteristics. More than 90% of sustainable indices outperformed their parent benchmark during the period of the heightened market uncertainty and drawdown associated with this crisis.?

    (Source: BlackRock, with Q1 data from Bloomberg and Morningstar as of May 7, 2020)

    Companies that are focused on their employees and their customer base and the communities that they operate in are able to operate more nimbly in an environment where what was assumed in the past can no longer be assumed. It makes them more agile and more able to weather uncertainty.??

    As we look forward, just as how companies have treated their employees and their stakeholders in the current crisis has been a differentiator, we believe how companies invest in their employees’ health and safety will be even more important.?

    Second, there’s going to be an increased expectation on companies around traditional governance issues, but also questions of a company’s purpose and its contribution to the communities that it operates in.

    Across all these areas we believe that sustainability issues will become even more salient in the investment conversation going forward.?

    The bottom line is that sustainability has been tested during this crisis and as we look forward, we believe that sustainability will be even more important to how we invest and how companies succeed over the long term.?

How we’re helping our clients invest sustainably

In January, we made a commitment to help our clients achieve their sustainable investing goals. Read more about our commitment and our progress.
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Our employees connect to our purpose

Debbie McCoy, Head of Sustainable Investing within the Systematic Active Equity Group, talks about the power of sustainable investing for our clients.