Capponi And Haiti Can Help Each Other

“There’s a great synergy behind what Michael is doing. I stand shoulder to shoulder with him,” says Belle, who hopes to attract the New York and Miami Beach fashion industry to Jacmel, providing work experience for students at the film school.

“Michael has developed this crush on Haiti,” says Danielle Saint-Lot, a former Tourism Minister who lives in Jacmel. “What’s interesting about Michael’s project is that it has a concrete business perspective. That’s what we needed, his business approach.”

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Haiti has had a bad rap. It’s kind of cool to see two different kinds of rebuilding working together. Capponi is doing his charity after his detox, and Haiti is rebuilding after a series of disasters. I know they can help each other out. If Michael Capponi keeps it up, with his kind of money and investment, he can make a real difference. And having a cause like that to devote yourself to can really bring out the best version of yourself, every day. It’s a real struggle. I’ve seen uncles go through addictions, and old neighborhoods fall apart. I know the power that dedication to a higher cause can have for rebuilding relationships and communities. If they’re a good match for each other, I see a really powerful future for Haiti and Capponi together. A healthy Haiti will make for a healthier Caribbean, and they’re our brothers and sisters over there.